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Sewer Cross Bore Safety is a Real Concern

Today, more and more lines for homes and home systems are being installed underground. As these lines are placed underground, there may be an increased chance of these lines becoming crossed. Lines becoming crossed underground can lead to more than broken pipes or wires, they can result in safety issues.

The best way to prevent any of the possible dangers or damages that can occur from sewer cross bore problems is to know the facts about sewer cross bore safety. Any kind of new project, whether you are digging for internet lines or gas lines, has to first start with an inspection of the area. By calling 811 before any kind of digging takes place, you can protect yourself and your property. The experts will be able to tell you if your particular project may potentially interfere with existing lines.

While these steps may help avoid any disruption, if there has been any interference already, your sewer lines could be at risk. The experts at Ryan Services can help you deal with any sewer cross bore safety issues you may have on your property. We can investigate the scene and use technological tools to assess the situation. Then, we can go in and fix any sewer cross bore safety issues before they lead to expensive damages to your lines. The safety issues involved with sewer cross bore problems cannot be overstated as they can lead to extremely hazardous conditions, especially where gas lines are concerned. If you believe for any second that gas lines have been disrupted or compromised, you need to leave the area immediately and call authorities who can professionally evaluate the area and secure the lines.

When you need to know more about sewer cross bore safety, call the professionals at Ryan Services to ensure everything is safe and sound where issues can easily hide from the naked eye.

- On October 28, 2013

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