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It Is Important to be Aware of Sewer Cross Bore Safety

Just because you can’t see the sewer or utility lines that run underground on your property does not mean you should be totally unaware of them. It is vital that you know about sewer cross bore safety if you ever plan to do any kind of digging or need to do repairs to your sewer line.

Sewer lines underground can be compromised by natural gas and utility lines. When there is an attempt or need to unclog sewer lines or find the source of a problem, the lines for very important services can be in the way or become broken. Those lines can even be the source of the problem.

Disrupting these lines can be more than just an inconvenience, it can spell danger. It is vital that you do all you can to prevent disruption of these lines. Before digging, a site must be investigated to be sure there are no gas lines in the way, If you call 811 before digging, there will be a check and you may be given the go-ahead to dig. When it comes to clogged sewer lines, Ryan Services will inspect the problem with a camera to ensure lines haven’t been crossed and that is the source of your problem. If we do believe the sewer line is blocked due to sewer cross bore, we will contact the specific utility company to investigate.

One thing to always be clear about is the risk that can come about when a gas line is compromised. If at any time during a dig, there is a smell of gas or a bubbling or hissing sound, get away immediately. This means far away from the home also. It is recommended that you go at least 150 feet from the site where the line could be and call for help right away.

While many problems we contend with when it comes to Rochester area sewer lines are safe and minor fixes, there are times when it can get a little more complicated. It is always best to have a professional from Ryan Services handle the entire project from start to finish. We will ensure the safety of your home, our family and your community.

- On September 30, 2013 

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