We’ve prepared a list of things you can do, to get through the strenuous heat. 

  • Check your filters and replace them if they are dirty. Pets, the number of household occupants and allergies are a few of the things that determine how often your filter should be changed. Make sure you are changing your filter, based on the conditions of your home. Having a dirty air filter will affect the efficiency of your unit and increase your energy usage. If you keep up with changing your filter, you’ll increase the air quality in your home and save money, in the long run.

  • Clear debris and dirt from around your outdoor A/C unit. Sticks, leaves and dirt can build up and damage it.

  • For the best air flow, make sure nothing is blocking your vents by moving all curtains, furniture, storage containers and electronics out of the way.

  • Keep a fan in your house that can be moved to different rooms, in order to circulate cool air.

If your air conditioner needs to be serviced, Ryan’s your guy! One of our trained technicians can check the safety and performance of your unit, along with checking and replacing your filter. 

Call (585) 232-5555 to schedule an appointment with one of our trained technicians!