Supporting Our Community

In 1977, a group of parents had the vision of community in mind, when they formed a place where their adult children with developmental disabilities could go to be inclusive, have safe access to the community, and most importantly transform their lives to reach their personal dreams.

A lot has changed since then; institutions that use to care for people with developmental disabilities were shut down and private organizations were created to provide opportunities for people to live, work, and experience community on their own.

35 years later, CDS Monarch is expanding this mission by providing a place where people experience the everyday of life. Over the past few years, we have opened our doors to serve Veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury and we now provide affordable housing for seniors; all to provide opportunities for people to live a fulfilling life.

At CDS Monarch, we celebrate people being productive, happy, transforming their lives and reaching their potential. For us, this is celebrating the everyday of life.

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