American Standard Furnace

Did you know that your furnace requires annual maintenance? All sorts of cobwebs, bugs and dust build up inside and around your furnace over the course of a year. When your unit isn’t properly maintained, the efficiency of your furnace is drastically reduced. Annual maintenance will also prolong the effective life of your equipment.

Fall is the ideal time to schedule maintenance for your furnace. One of our HVAC technicians will properly test the unit to make sure you and your family stay comfortable and warm. Our safety and performance tune-up will ensure your furnace is ready for Winter!

Rest assured, our professionally trained technicians know how to service all makes of heating and air conditioning equipment. The services listed below are included in the furnace safety and performance tune-up.

  • Clean the blower compartment
  • Verify proper voltage and current
  • Examine the electrical components (wiring / connections) for corrosion and/or wear
  • Adjust and clean burners
  • Inspect the heat exchanger
  • Verify gas pressure
  • Inspect ignitor or pilot light
  • Check gas connections
  • Examine duct connections and air flow
  • Test carbon monoxide levels
  • Inspect flue pipe
  • Check the air filter
  • Test your thermostat

Proactively scheduling your annual maintenance will allow us to correct minor issues and help prevent breakdowns during heating season. Don’t wait until it’s too late! Call (585)232-5555 to schedule your furnace safety and performance tune-up today.

You may be eligible for an RG&E rebate. View the Residential Rebate Application here.


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