Home Comfort Tip - Change Your Air Filter in your Heating and Air Conditioning Equipment

Did you know that the filters in your heating and air conditioning equipment need to be changed? To keep up with the dirt and debris that they collect, you should change them minimally every season. Some homeowners change them every month. You can find air filters at your local home improvement store. They come with instructions that will help you determine how often your filter needs to be changed based on the type of filter, number of pets and household occupants.

Benefits of Changing Your Air Filter:

Save money: Changing your filter will help reduce your energy bills. When the air filter is clogged your heating and air conditioning equipment will work harder and use more energy because the air flow is restricted.

Increase equipment efficiency: Clogged filters put a strain on your heating and air conditioning equipment because they need to work harder to keep up with the thermostat settings. This can cause unnecessary damage and expensive repairs.

Health benefits: If a clogged filter is left unchecked, dust, dander, allergens, and bacteria can build up in your home. This is a known cause of allergies and respiratory problems. Routinely changing the filters in your heating and air conditioning equipment will improve your indoor air quality.

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