Ryan Plumbing and Heating technician setting American Standard programmable thermostat

Here are a few tips to help keep your home warm without increasing your utility bills. It can be tempting to bump up the thermostat a few degrees when it’s cold outside. But you’ll be thankful that you implemented these easy home comfort tips when it comes time to pay your monthly expenses.

Don’t Block Your Vents: When furniture is blocking your vents it obstructs the flow of heat to the room. This causes your heating equipment to work harder to keep up with the thermostat setting, resulting in a waste of energy and an unnecessary increase in your utilities.

Adjust Your Ceiling Fan: Setting your ceiling fan to spin clockwise during the Winter will help move heated air down. You’ll want to set it to its lowest speed to prevent cooling the room.

Install a Door Sweep: A door sweep will help prevent drafts from seeping inside. They are easily installed along the bottom of your door. You can find them at your local home improvement store.

Seal Windows: Check the caulk around your windows and add new caulk as needed to make sure your windows are sealed properly. You can also put window film insulator kits on the inside of your windows. This adds additional insulation by creating a pocket of dead air between the film and the window glass. These supplies can be purchased at your local home improvement store.

Adjust Your Drapes: Blackout drapes help prevent sunlight from heating a room and they will help keep heat in a room. Opening the drapes on your south facing windows during the day will allow the sun to naturally heat your home. Just make sure your windows are clean and close the drapes before sunset.

Program Your Thermostat: Setting your programmable thermostat to 68 degrees Fahrenheit when you and your family are home and awake during the Winter will help keep your house comfortable. This will also help prevent unnecessary increases in your utility bills.

Each of these home comfort tips will help keep your house warm during Winter and increase energy efficiency. A FREE Home Energy Assessment can help improve the energy efficiency of your home. Call (585) 232-5555 to schedule your appointment today. It is our goal to help you and your family remain comfortable year-round.