Have you ever wondered what’s involved in the cost of a service call or estimate? Let us put your mind to rest. You’ll find a detailed breakdown of each line item that may be on your invoice below.

Labor: Its title covers the cost of A LOT of different things. The technician’s time is the first and foremost on everyone’s mind. This also covers their training and education, in order to continue to keep their knowledge base up to date, with the changing times and ensure your technician can get the job done. Their tools and some of the equipment on their truck is also rolled into this line item, to make sure they have what they need, when you need us. Do you remember the person that answered your call when you placed your service request? Administrative fees are also lumped into this charge on your invoice.

Service Charge: This one covers the cost of their vehicle and the gasoline that our technician needs to arrive on site, when you need our services. Did you think about the insurances and licenses that are required for our technician to be able to perform their job? All of that is covered by this minimal fee.

Material: When our technician needs to purchase parts and/or equipment, in order to resolve the issue you’re having, we turn around and charge you for them. It’s as simple as that.

Machine/Equipment Charges: These charges are applied to an invoice when we need to rent additional equipment or haul equipment that isn’t readily available on our vans.

The most important factor to consider when you are choosing a service provider and reviewing your invoice/estimate is, knowing that the company and its employees are trustworthy, reputable and reliable. All of our employees are put through extensive background checks during the hiring process and everyone in the company receives safety training. Ryan has been providing plumbing, heating, air conditioning and fire protection services since 1999.

Hopefully you have a better understanding of everything that is factored into each line item. If you still have questions after reading this, feel free to call (585)232-5555 or send an email to customerservice@ryanservice.com.