Winter Storm Home Preparations

We are committed to helping you keep your family comfortable year-round. Planning ahead will help make sure you and your family keep warm and safe. Here are a few plumbing and heating tips to help you get through a Winter storm.


Winter Storm Plumbing and Heating Tips:

  1. Make sure you know where your water shut off valve is located; in case a pipe bursts. This will help prevent serious water damage.
  2. Keep the cold air out by applying weather strips to your windows and doors. You can also cover your windows with clear plastic.
  3. Clear branches and items that could cause damage to your property during a storm. The combination of snow and strong winds is dangerous when trees are overgrown and outdoor items are not properly secured.
  4. Keep your furnace intake and exhaust pipes clear of snow and debris. When they are covered or blocked your heating equipment will not function properly and carbon monoxide could build up in your home resulting in a life-threatening hazard.
  5. Test your carbon monoxide alarms to make sure they will make you aware of accumulating carbon monoxide.
  6. Secure plywood on top of your air conditioner with bricks. This will prevent moisture and rust damage without giving the outdoor critters a safe place to hunker down for the winter. It will also prevent damage from fallen icicles.


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