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Air Conditioner Maintenance

Did you know that your air conditioner requires annual maintenance? All sorts of dirt, debris and critters can build up inside and around your air conditioner over the course of a year, if left unchecked. When your unit isn’t properly maintained, the efficiency of...

Home Energy Supplier Rebates

Energy suppliers throughout the Rochester, NY area offer rebates for residential natural gas and electric customers who install high efficiency equipment. Eligible items include gas furnaces, boilers, water heaters, gas dryers, electric heat pumps, thermostats and...

Heat Pump Rebates Available

Receive energy rebates when you install a heat pump!** Heat pumps are an energy efficient substitute for furnace and air conditioning systems. Your energy costs will reduce because heat pumps do not require fossil fuel to operate.  They use outdoor air to heat and...

Winter Plumbing Home Comfort Tips

With more snow and cold on the horizon, plumbing companies are anticipating more spikes in calls regarding things like broken and frozen pipes in their homes. Meteorologist Christine Gregory spoke to a local plumber on ways to prevent this. After our first major...

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